I have a solution for filling up all the empty buildings in downtown London. Block off the street permanently and let bars and dance halls come in.

The old Magee’s Furniture Store building would be a perfect place to dance.  The main drag is blocked off for Cruisin’ on Main, Thursday Night Live, parades and other events, so why not make it permanent? The traffic could be detoured like it is during the Chicken Festival.

I got this idea after visiting Louisville for the KPA awards dinner Friday. Fourth Street is blocked off and there are bars on both sides of the street, for what is known as Four Street Live. You can barhop, cross the street without being hit by any vehicles, and crash in a nearby hotel. What a safe way to have fun.

I had been waiting since last spring for this year’s KPA banquet to come. I started to lose weight last spring. I didn’t go to the gym or take advantage of any of the weight loss programs I kept seeing on TV. I dropped 43 pounds and went from a size 13 to a size 8 by just watching what I ate. I actually had fun again looking for that perfect outfit to wear this year.  I decided to wear a black frilly short, but not too short, skirt and a matching frilly pink and black blouse.  

I was about 30 minutes late in getting downstairs to the KPA reception in the Hyatt because I went three or four rounds with my pantyhose. They were black and I was trying to put them on so that my legs were an even shade of black. I kept pulling them up and down while doing the Zumba to try and get that even, perfect shade. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

After the dinner and ceremony, my coworkers and I went to Ri Ra’s, on Fourth Street, where I had a Lemon Drop cocktail. It tasted good, but be leery of a beverage menu that doesn’t have any prices on it. The drink cost about $9. I gave the waiter two $5 bills.

Finding this place a little pricey, we walked down to Howl at the Moon. There the drinks were $7 each and bigger and the entertainment was better. The patrons were laughing, listening to music and having a good time, but there wasn’t any place to dance. That was such a shame.

Since blocking off Main Street and letting bars fill up empty buildings is only a dream, we have a place right here in Laurel County that has a live band, a big dance floor, plenty of tables, and only a small admission price. Every Saturday night the Kentucky Rain band plays country music at the VFW Club on Ky. 192 from 8 p.m. to midnight. You don’t have to go to Louisville, Lexington or Richmond to party. If the people up north knew about this little gem in Laurel County, they’d be coming down here.

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