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Staff Writer Tara Kaprowy (left) and News Editor Allison Johnston

Last Wednesday, four girls sat in a booth drinking Cosmopolitans and waiting for a movie to start. At 6:33 the girl with the purple high heels looked at her cell phone and realized there were but 10 scant minutes before It started.

A look of desperation crossed the girls’ faces as they waited for the bill. It was the one thing they could not be fashionably late for.

Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte and Carrie were back.

Allison: I started watching “Sex and the City” in Season 3. It was during the Aidan period. I watched two episodes in a row and I was gone. I’d found that love they always searched for — it was a television show.

Tara: I had walked to Movie Village in the middle of winter and picked up the first episodes, after receiving frantic instructions from my best friend Kristin to do so. I slipped the tape into my stodgy VCR and immediately started bobbing when hearing the bouncy opening music. As soon as I saw Carrie hailing a taxi while running out of her brownstone, I saw what I’d always wanted my life to be: hip, fun, well written. I floated back to Movie Village on and off all that weekend to get more episodes.

Allison: The shoes. The shoes. I’ve always had a semi-secret cache of shoes, serious shoes — four inches tall in a rainbow of colors — that spent a lot of time in their boxes or being tried on. Yeah, I wore the really tall black ones, but those lime green ones with the white piping and the little bow? Without pairing them with some ridiculous matchy-match sweater set, I just couldn’t do it.

Then along came Carrie. With her Manolos. And her Christian Louboutins. And her Jimmy Choos.

Suddenly, it was OK to wear my shoes, even when everyone else was in brown, clumpy sandals. Teetering along to wreck scenes in stilettos seemed totally reasonable.

Tara: For me, it was about the columns. I’d gone to school and earned a literature degree that had taught me that I really liked reading, but not writing essays. I also knew I wasn’t especially skilled at fiction. So here I was with all of this knowledge about writing, but not knowing how I could use it for myself. But as I watched Carrie typing at the window on her iBook, asking question after question, each of which got closer to the heart of the matter, I realized it was something I wanted to do. And, it turns out, could do.

Allison: With every phase of your life, it’s so relatable. When I was pregnant — after the show had ended, mind you — I would think about Miranda “faking an ultrasound” and having no idea what to do with a baby. I felt tremendously relieved to know I wasn’t the only one who wished desperately for a “This is the crib for you” store and they bring it to your house and assemble it. It wasn’t just a TV character. A real woman, somewhere, wrote that. And that’s what it was. Real.

Tara: Yes, that’s exactly what it was. Carrie obsessing about Big to her friends was my friend Danielle talking about Grant at Stella’s over baked eggs. When Miranda ate the entire chocolate cake, and kept going back to it even after she’d thrown it in the garbage, I could see myself doing that. And I’d felt the same way she did when she thought the Chinese take-out lady was making fun of her because she called so often (and so obviously didn’t have any plans). I definitely related to Miranda the most.

Allison: And even though you could totally relate — no matter your situation — it was still a story. It was a book you read really slowly, because you didn’t want to put it down. I felt a pang every time the show ended. Every single week. And, I know I’m not alone.

The dark hero, obviously, is Mr. Big. I still don’t know how I feel about him. Do you? Up and down, round and round. I almost always took Carrie’s side. Except for Aidan.

Tara: There was a time I was so desperately in love with Mr. Big it was negatively affecting my relationship with the boyfriend. Big was so deliciously unattainable, so cool, such a heartbreaker. And, secretly, I think that’s what I liked best. That he would stamp all over a heart, off-handedly, not looking down even. But it would keep beating because he was the most addictive thing in the world. At least in Season 1.

Allison: Come on. “Have you ever been in love?” “Abso”-girls you know the rest. Who didn’t tumble when he said that? I kind of liked the Russian. He elevated Big to sainthood. Remember how he tried to force her to pronounce his name? “Aleksandrrrrr.”

But he did take her to (sigh) Paris. The Paris episodes in Season 6 were breathtaking.

Tara: When I watched the movie, my shoulders were so tense with excitement I got a headache. We had bought a big vat of popcorn and a Diet Coke and we didn’t touch either one. I was absolutely enraptured — even though the movie, as Allison and I obsessively discussed for the next week, was a little flawed. I didn’t like what they did to Samantha — the dog was a cheap laugh. But the parts that were good were some of the best (read: beating with bouquet). As the credits rolled, I realized watching the movie was probably the culmination of my 20s. From single newbie writer living in crumbling apartment to columnist in subdivision. Now, if I could just shed my singledom ...

ALLISON: I went home and hugged my husband tight — it was that good. Watching it was a little like going to the prom. Naw, I’m kidding — it was way better than the prom.

Charlotte, who was cute and bubbly, but never particularly lovable during the show, was the standout. During the movie, when she stood in the street and screamed at Big, I’m telling you, my heart stopped.

Through all its teeny-tiny faults (Seriously, where was the real Samantha?), it was incredible. I missed my girls.

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