I recently read a humorous piece about a church that decided to do everything it could to eliminate every possible excuse that was preventing people from showing up on Sundays.

For those who said Sunday was their only day to sleep in, the church placed cots in the foyer.

For those who said the roof would cave in if they were to show up at church, hard hats would be available.

Blankets were provided for those who think the church is too cold and fans were handed out to those who think the church is too hot.

Hearing aids were given to those who say the preacher speaks too softy, and cotton balls were provided to those who say he preaches too loudly.

The church brought in relatives for those who like to visit family on Sundays.

TV dinners were handed out to those who said they couldn’t go to church because they have to cook dinner.

Oh, and one section of the church was decorated with trees, bushes, weeds, ticks, chiggers and mosquitos for all those who prefer to spend their Sundays in the great outdoors.

The truth is, there’s nothing a church could ever do to satisfy folks who make excuses to stay home or do other things on Sunday mornings. I was one of those folks through the first half of my life. I had no interest in church. I preferred to spend Sundays on the lake with a fishing rod in hand. Now, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere other than God’s house on Sundays. I find myself being so appreciative to the Lord for forgiving me of a lifetime of sin that my strongest desire is to be with Him and His people.

Down through the generations, people have experienced similar changes in attitude about being in God’s house. In fact, King David of the Old Testament, once said: “A day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I’d rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than to dwell in the tents of wickedness” (Psalm 84:10).

In other words, David was saying he’d rather stand in the doorway and look into God’s house than to be seated in the front row of any other place. That speaks to David’s great love for his God and for God’s people.

No doubt, we in the church should do all we can to make people feel welcome on Sunday mornings. But the truth is, until a person has a change of heart, they will never understand the joy that Christians experience just by coming into God’s house with other believers.

People who love God don’t need cots or fans or blankets or cotton balls. They’ll be in His house with His people on the Lord’s Day no matter what.

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