MY POINT IS... Paying tribute to Tootsie

Nita Johnson

Spring has gone and summer will soon end,

So many people are missing family and friends.

The COVID virus has complicated the world we know,

Social gatherings and concerts where we used to go;

No live music, no dancing, no fun,

No swimming, no pool parties - we're under the gun.

The children were sent home from school to learn,

Many workers were laid off with no chance to earn.

Students and teachers had to apply eLearning technology -

A situation no one ever thought they'd see!

Church services and funerals and parties all became taboo,

As were all gatherings except for just a few.

We can't have the World Chicken Festival or the county fair,

No carnival rides to mess up your hair,

No travel to beaches or exotic tropical sites,

Even private resorts fall into the "mights."

We have to wear masks to prevent the spread

Of this terrible virus that has brought such dread.

We miss our gatherings, our friends, our lives,

We resist all the restrictions and the strifes.

Oh, Corona, Corona, you must leave us alone,

We're anxious and weary of being restricted at home.

We need our social lives and to see our friends,

We're missing out on shopping and social trends.

We miss all the privileges we once took for granted,

All the efforts we made, all the plans we had planted.

We still fight for equality in the midst of the pandemic,

While protests and discord have become epidemic.

We cherish our freedom, but even more when they're taken

While we hope for a cure but still feel forsaken,

Oh, you wicked virus, we want you to get out of here,

Because when it comes to Corona, we much prefer the beer!

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