It is extraordinary how the subconscious mind can play tricks on a person.

That was the situation on Monday night when I found myself so exhausted I couldn't sleep well. I laid down immediately after eating dinner (a real no-no for many reasons) and tried to rest. I found myself drifting in and out but not actually resting. I awoke at 9 p.m. and kept dozing. Around 10:30, I was awake again - as was my husband and granddaughter Autumn. By 11 p.m. they were back to bed but I decided to catch up on my soap opera - "The Young and Restless". After three episodes, I was dozing off just after midnight.

But sometime between then and 3 a.m., my mind began placing me in one of the situations I'd seen in a previous episode - I was somehow involved with the Newman family drama and I had to get out of town immediately. My dream (nightmare) put me and the Newman family in a house that was apparently my own and I was packing items I'd need as well as boxing up belongings that needed to be distributed to other people. I kept thinking I needed to call my cousin Kim to tell her to get my Christmas items that were carefully packed in boxes. And I kept thinking I needed to call my mother and tell her I was leaving town. (My mother has been deceased for 21 years, but I guess the intuition of always needing to call your mother remains implanted in the brain.)

Then I started boxing up all of Autumn's clothes so she would be sure to have them when the new school year starts in a couple of weeks. I was worried about what my family would think of my sudden exit but I knew I had to go with the Newmans to avoid serious legal repercussions.

After I awoke from that ill-fated dream, I eventually drifted off again after eating some Frito's - only to launch into another horrific dream. This time I was at Sinking Creek Baptist Church and it was a special singing. They called our former youth group, The Bold Ones, to the podium and I joined the group - but rather than the group of adults, the young children were also joining the group.

One thing for which I've always credited Sinking Creek Baptist Church is their traditional services and music. The four part harmony of the Baptist Hymnal is still their guide for the musical services, which is blessed with a congregation whose voices blend together in a symphony of song. But in this dream, the music became that of the more modern versions of "worship" songs that repeat the same words over and over. It was just a far-fetched version of the church I've always cherished that I couldn't comprehend what had happened. That, coupled with the fact that I knew none of the songs that were being sung, soon sent me off the stage and out the door.

En route home, I took a detour down another country road, parked my husband's truck, and began exploring in the woods. As lost as I'd been with the song service at the church, I found myself even more lost in the woods and desperately trying to find my way back to the truck. I was worried that my husband would drive by the church, see that his truck was not there and I'd have to disclose that I'd left early and had gotten lost.

After climbing several cliffsides and meeting several people who lived in the area, I still couldn't find my way back to the truck. While I had begun my woodland journey on County Farm Road in the western part of the county, my search to find the truck somehow landed me on Byble Road, which is in the Fariston community in the southern section. I kept asking people along the way what road I was on, but no one could tell me where County Farm Road was!

That dream sent me into a panic and I was almost leery to open my eyes and face my husband, who was awake at that point. I was worried about how he would react to the fact that I'd gotten lost in his truck. Then as I became fully awake, I realized I was home safe and sound - but I did have to look out the front door to ensure that his truck was sitting securely in the driveway to make sure my dream and reality were separate!

I'm not sure of the underlying meaning of either of those two dreams or if there even is one. But one thing is certain - I'm swearing off watching three continuous episodes of my soap opera and eating Frito's in the middle of the night.

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