Labor Day weekend traditionally marks the unofficial end of summer.

It is a day set aside to honor those who work - originally a day set aside by labor unions in the early industrial days of our country.

Labor Day often marks family cookouts, a day on the lake or other outside activities that may not be guaranteed in future weeks.

For many working folks, however, Labor Day well earns its name. Those who do not have time, money, or means to take a three-day mini vacation or weekend outing often spend the day at home, doing work that time often restricts during the regular weekends.

Thus was my situation over the three day weekend. Thanks to co-reporter Dillan Combs, I enjoyed three days of not covering things for The Sentinel-Echo. Dillan had no idea what he'd gotten himself into when he volunteered to cover the weekend events. Not only was it the East 80 Yard Sale weekend, it was also Pittsburg Homecoming weekend.

Although I felt badly for Dillan's hectic weekend schedule (it was a brief moment, I must admit!), I looked forward to having three days of not working - a short lived fantasy, however.

Saturday I eventually managed to preserve six quarts of sweet pickles - a feat not attempted over the past several years, so getting everything together was quite a task. Mixed in with some laundry and a few other odds and ends cleanup efforts, sleeping in until 11 a.m. Sunday was quite a reward to my hard work. Of course, sleeping in caused a delay in the plans I had in my head for the productive weekend but I somehow managed to get a few things done - mostly dishes that had fallen into the path of my canning of the previous day. I'm also counting going to the grocery store for a few items as one of the accomplishments of Sunday, primarily to make myself feel better about sleeping so late!

Monday brought another day of plans - although the achievements didn't quite add up as I'd had originally planned. I did take time out to visit my sister-in-law, Jenny, and chow down on some of the delicious food she prepared for a Labor Day cookout. Jenny loves to cook and does an excellent job with everything she fixes, which is always a drawing for me to visit!

I did manage to burn off my flower bed that was so neglected and weed ridden this past year. The nearly continuous rain of the fall and winter and even early spring hindered that yearly clearing effort, with weeds highlighting the flower bed this year more so than in past years. I also managed to burn off another area that needed dire attention - and inevitably discovered a spot where the roaming chickens had forested their eggs over the past couple of weeks.

All in all, it was a restful weekend - even with mingled with a little bit of work. But it's still a shame that Labor Day - intended to let the working folks rest - is more often than not just another day for the working folks to catch up on their home duties that are neglected by their work and family schedule. Even more ironic is that working people have to go back to work to rest from their Labor Day holiday activities!

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