Two weeks ago I covered the North Laurel-Pulaski County football game. Last Friday night, I was at the South Laurel-Lincoln Co. game. Those two games had two things in common.

One, it was Homecoming night for both local teams. And two, the crowd was pathetic at both games. And with it being Homecoming, you would have expected a lot of local fans.

But since both teams are struggling right now, I guess the majority of fans have given up and are waiting for basketball season to roll around.

And that’s a shame. These young men work too hard to not be supported on Friday nights.

Sure, North Laurel is winless right now, and South Laurel has only two wins on the season, but still, give these kids a break. I haven’t been to a game this season where either team has given up, despite the outcome. North Laurel has been in almost every game this season, yet the Jags are still searching for that elusive first win.

And over the last three games, South Laurel has outplayed their opponents in the second half. Unfortunately, for some reason, they fail to show up in the first half, and find themselves in a hug hole when the second half starts.

It’s not like these kids (and coaches) don’t want to win; they do. You can see it in the frustration in their faces and the tears in their eyes.

And then you have the so-called fans who feel the need to voice their displeasure at the coaches during the game. Very loudly. Hey, it’s not just the coaches who hear those comments; the players do, too. And I’ve seen the look on their faces when they hear it, and I can tell that it bothers them.

If you think the coaches and players aren’t trying to win games, then you are wrong. And if you think winning is the only thing that matters, you’re wrong. These kids learn something every Friday night on the gridiron, win or lose.

Sure, it would be nice to win all of your games. It would also be nice to have fans who stick by the teams, no matter the record. And fans who realize the effort being put in, and appreciate it, not criticize it.

Those are your true high school football fans.

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