I have a bright idea. If we could just get every team that Kentucky plays to wear Tennessee or Florida on their jerseys maybe the Cats could get pumped up enough to go undefeated the rest of the way.

Or maybe a more logical approach would be just to play Kevin Galloway, sit Ramon Harris and give Michael Porter the green light to shoot.

It appears to me that Kentucky only has one true point guard on the team and that is Galloway. I like Porter, but he is not my definition of a true point guard. Porter should be on the floor, but only as a secondary ball handler and a secondary shooter.

Galloway has received very little playing time and yet every time he steps on the floor he shows signs of being a great play maker. I know he makes some mistakes, but those will decrease with more playing time.

Porter has shown signs of being a solid threat from behind the arc, but has not been given the green light to shoot when open. I think Porter could be much more of a threat when receiving the pass on the wing.

The biggest thing I have trouble figuring out is why Harris starts the second half and Galloway is on the bench. It just makes no sense. If a player is killing you and another player is bringing you back to life, why would you sacrifice the first couple minutes of the second half.

Another thing is Billy Gillispie needs to lighten up on the ESPN reporter at halftime. Come on coach being irritated by a question is one thing, but when you go out of your way to smart of it’s just unprofessional.

Here is an idea. If you don’t like the question, just sidestep it and comment on something else. They have a job to do the same as you do. It’s not your job to disrespect them on national television.

What can you say about Jodie Meeks? After struggling the entire game he comes through when needed the most. He took over the final minutes of the game and made big shots. With seven seconds left on the shot clock and Kentucky coming out of a timeout, everybody in the arena new who was going to shoot the ball, but nobody knew how to stop him.

While I have to admit Nick Calathes is a great player, he is no Patrick Sparks (three made free-throws to beat Louisville) and no Jodie Meeks. Calathes is young and for that he gets a pass, but you have to step up and knock those down when you get that kind of bail out call. In the end Justice was served, Meeks’ three-pointer was too good not to win the game.

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