I’m not sure where to start, but here goes. I have decided to take another job and this is my farewell column. This is the last time you will have to suffer through another crazy column all about Kentucky basketball or my kids playing sports, unless you read The Times-Tribune.

That’s right. I have decided to work with Les Dixon and cover the tri-county area. At first you might think I got treated really bad, or got in a huge wrestling match with sports editor Denis House(where, of course, I lost horribly). You might even think that staff writer Dean Manning and all his Louisville and North Carolina talk finally got to me, but that wasn’t it.

It was actually a horrifying fight I got into with staff writer Carol Mills about how bad I hated cats. You see, Carol’s ring tone is the sound of a cat meowing. One day it went off and I said something like, who let a stupid cat in the office. Well, Carol didn’t like that very much.

The next thing I knew I felt something really heavy hit me in the back of the head. When I turned around, Carol was ripping another KPA award off the wall and getting ready to throw it at me. Our managing editor, Joseph Dill, tried to stop her, then staff writer Tara Kaprowy pulled out her futuristic phone and put a freeze on Carol with just the push of a button.

I stood there and looked at Carol with her weird I-must-protect-all-the-innocent-little-cats look on her face and realized I could not continue to work here after what I had done.

So, Carol continues to stand there frozen between my desk and hers. She will be unfrozen sometime today if Tara can find the right app on her phone. So Carol should be back to her kitty cat loving ways by Monday.

Of course, I am joking. I have really enjoyed my time at The Sentinel-Echo. Everyone has been more than good to me and I am really going to miss the people I work with. Denis House is an outstanding person and has always treated me with respect and has done everything in his power to let me off work to attend my son’s ball games. I can’t say thank you enough to him.

Joe Dill, Dean Manning, Tara Kaprowy, Carol Mills and Sue Minton are all great people to work with and I will miss them a lot. It is really hard for me to leave a job that I love more than anything I have ever done. I was not looking for another job, but the opportunity came up while asking about the position for someone else.

After hearing a few things about the job, I just threw my name out there. After a lot of consideration, I decided I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I will still be covering North Laurel and South Laurel sports, but I will have six other schools to cover as well.

I would like to thank everyone for reading my column, and I hope you will continue to read it in The Times-Tribune.

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