When another player signs to play basketball at the University of Kentucky, please let me know, because I am sick and tired of reading message boards and clinging to every word a high school kid says to reporters.

The recruiting of a certain five start point guard that everyone admits is a one year and done player, who is expected to make a huge difference in a programs success, has gotten way out of hand.

This kid has ridden the fame wagon until the wheels are falling off and at this point, I think all Wildcat fans should take the high road and not worry about who is signing until the announcement has been made. Nothing would make me happier than to not hear anymore speculations or rumors.

I understand taking your time and making the best decision, but after a certain amount of time, it starts to become a show and I am ready to turn the channel. I admit I am excited about Kentucky’s recruiting class and I would love to add a fantastic point guard that every team in the nation would love to have, but the success of the program does not and never will hang in the balance of a high school kid. Our backs are not against the wall.

I also think some people may not realize what a great player DeMarcus Cousins is. Cousins may have lost a little of the limelight by making his decision so soon. Cousins was a huge pick up for the Cats and will make an immediate impact, especially with the possibility of losing Patrick Patterson to the NBA Draft.

Another point I would like to make is the fact that Kentucky has two players with a lot of potential at the point guard position in Kevin Galloway and DeAndre Liggins. I honestly think Galloway will improve a ton under John Calipari. Galloway has all the tools to be successful in an uptempo style of play.

If Kentucky does not sign another player they will still have a great team next year and should have a very successful season. Calipari will bring back the excitement to Kentucky basketball, in fact he already has. People are wearing Calipari shirts all over the state!

I understand that Patterson also signed late when he committed to Kentucky, but I just feel like adding teams this late in the recruiting process is ridiculous. I mean, what is the kid looking for? It’s kinda like wanting to find a twenty dollar bill when you know you’re getting ready to hit the lottery. It just don’t make since.

So in other words, I don’t want to hear about anymore comments a confused high school kid makes. I don’t want to see or hear of a trimmed down list that now only includes 15 schools. I don’t even want to hear about a verbal commitment. Please wake me up when the signing period is over and I can just read the writing on the wall!

Tim Branstetter can be reached at tbranstetter@sentinel-echo.com.

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