Dear Editor,

My name is Grace Moses, I am a 2017 grad from Corbin High School, and a junior at the University of Kentucky. This summer I am working with a group of community members interested in learning more about how to handle the issue of racial justice in Corbin. We will be starting a series of letters to update you on the goings on of our group and how you can get involved.

As the 100th anniversary of the 1919 Racial Riot of Corbin rapidly approaches, it seems that there are few who are aware of this piece of history, or its importance. As a native of Corbin, I was never aware of this event, and the amount of misinformation and missing pieces in the story has really surprised me. I have spent the past few weeks researching, and found a couple of suggested readings I thought were helpful.

Griggs, Kristy Owens. 2002. "The Removal of Blacks from Corbin in 1919: Memory, Perspective, and the Legacy of Racism." The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society 100(3):293-310.

Jaspin, Elliot. 2007. "Buried in the Bitter Waters: The Hidden History of Racial Cleansing in America." New York: Basic Books. (see chapter 9 on Corbin)

Wright, George C. 1996. "Racial Violence in Kentucky, 1865--1940: Lynchings, Mob Rule, and 'Legal Lynchings.'" Baton Rouge: LSU Press. (see chapters 4 and 6)

You can find copies of these resources on our website: can contact us at: for more information about how you can help uncover this lost piece of history. More to come.


Grace Moses


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