Religious and national allegiance brainwashing is a common factor throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky; however, the rural area's indoctrination is more aggressive and remain an impediment to one's pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Existing racism, bigotry and our country's aggression is not taught.

Our form of government is a Constitutional Republic and to this end, the First Amendment, guarantees the right to worship; however, the founders failed to stipulate one can't provide subversive assets to an entity that advocates the overthrow of international governments, especially the U.S. government.

Christians United for Israel met, with Vice President Pence in attendance, in Washington, DC and advocated the Israeli destruction of Islam's Third Holy Mosque with the expectation, the return of Jesus. Soon thereafter, Iran's Supreme Leader suggested the return of the 12th Iman (Shiite). We await an announcement by Jewish aligned (Sunni) Saudi Salman Royal Family regarding the fate of Palestinians, and the return of the 12th Iman.

Millions of us know NO GODS OF ABRAHAM; let us live our lives.

Please watch "The Family" on Netflix.

Billy Ray Wilson - Master Sergeant, USAF - Retired


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