For Mother's Day from us dads

You've given me more than I could have ever had; to wit;

My children who proudly call me Dad.

So faithful and true all of her life for you see

"She's my wife."

What better life could I have ever had?

Than someone like her to make me glad.

We've had her beside us all through these years,

Through the good the bad through smiles and through the tears.

We've weathered the storms,

Sailed seas of bliss and

Now we realize how much we've been blessed.

No troubles overcame us nor did any strife,

For you see,

"She's my wife."

So, we men just say, "Thank you my dear,"

For blessing our lives all through the years.

We are proud dads, today because of you

A mother to our children,

"Who all love and revere you."

We stand up today and the rest of our lives

"She's my wife."

Happy Mother's Day Dear!

E. Owen Edwards


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