Reference Sentinel-Echo Forum’s Editorial Cartoon “The Head of ISIS,” dated October 30, 2019

Reference Sentinel-Echo’s Forum’s Section article “The least they deserve,” dated October 3, 2019, written by Ms. Nita Johnson

Ms. Johnson’s My Point is always enlightening and usually describes events and situations correctly; however, I must comment:

It is true the average citizens hasn’t the slightest clue of the threats against our country until our government inform us which is a true statement; however, it is the responsibility of every citizen to monitor the activities the government to assure those elected are true representatives of the people.

Regarding foreign threats to our country there are none except within. For example, the private ownership of the Federal Reserve (Central Bank) and Zionism are the two greatest threats to our country and the international community.

Regarding monitoring our government’s activities by monitoring the Internet and reading publications at the Laurel County Library, he or she would learn the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District of New York has been provided the documentation that proves agencies of the U.S. government were responsible for the September 11, 2001 aerial attack on the United States and, in addition, the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act to remove the duly elected President of Iraq was an Act of War instrumental in the current affairs today in the Middle East and West Asia. President George W. Bush when asked why he removed Saddam Hussein, his reply “the Israeli’s wanted it.”

And, the Patriot Act, resulting from the 9/11 attack allows Microsoft E-Mail Protection System to censor our electronic mail. So much for the freedom of speech.

Failure to keep abreast of the non-loyal members of the three branches of the federal government will result in the destruction of the United States, from within.

Billy Ray Wilson, Master Sergeant, USAF – Retired


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