I am so disappointed that our City Council (some) voted to approve the “bar ordinance,” to saturate our fair city with booze, especially our beautiful Main Street. May I ask those who voted for this if they considered what the drinking of alcohol does to others? Such as broken homes, drunken parents, hungry children, battered wives, drunk drivers, not to mention the added burden and cost it will put on our overworked police force.

Also, may I ask? When will the bars, etc. be open? Eleven in the morning? Even on Sundays (Church time?) When will they close? Two a.m.?

Also, who will all this benefit? Certainly not the general public and citizens.

Also, how can I put my big black Bible under my arm on Sunday morning and then vote on Monday for something that does so much harm and is condemned by that same big black Bible which states “Woe unto him who giveth to his neighbor drink, that puttest the bottle to him and maketh him drunken” Habakkuk 2:15. Isaiah 24:9 states “strong drink shall be bitter to them that drink it.”

Is this what we want for London? I am informed that there is an election coming and it may be the time for (some) to start packing their bags. We will remember!

E. Owen Edwards


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