I thank God that most Democrats in Laurel County and Kentucky see through the House Democrat’s “impeachment hoax.” Democrats tried to stop Justice Kavanaugh's confirmation with lies. They used the same tactics trying to oust our President.

President Trump wasn’t impeached by Congress. He was impeached by Democrats. The impeachment was completely partisan, supported by lies and scheming. Pelosi announced impeachment without a floor vote and wouldn’t hold a vote for weeks.

For secrecy, the impeachment was assigned to the Intelligence committee. Our President wasn’t allowed to have counsel present. Republicans weren’t allowed to subpoena witnesses. During the secret hearings, Democrats lied and leaked. Were they protecting dishonest Democrats such as Joe Biden? Their dishonest actions convinced me that the entire “impeachment circus” was planned and coordinated by House Democrats.

House Democrats issued subpoenas before a vote authorized the inquiry. The inquiry vote authorized subpoenas, but no subpoenas were issued after the vote. Democrats say they always had authority to subpoena witnesses. If so, why did the inquiry vote authorize subpoenas?

The lying House managers told the Senate President Trump committed bribery, extortion and treason, but the only charges were abuse of power and obstruction of congress. Our President was impeached by Democrats in less than three months. For 90% of that time, House Republicans were ignored, and illegal immigrants received more due process than our President.

Democrats said Trump must be impeached quickly because he was a threat, but Pelosi waited a month to send the articles to the Senate. Democrats argued that their case was overwhelming, but demanded witnesses be called.

Most Kentucky Democrats see through this sham.

Charles Hayes


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