Dear Editor,

It has been awhile since I have written a letter to the editor.

The Bar Ordinance, recently passed by the London City Council, is simply in one word irresponsible.

Ok, I get it the motels and hotels in London want to have a bar on the premises. They will undoubtedly charge four times the going price for liquor by the shot and beer.

However, their customers can safely stagger to their room, in an inebriated state.

I was reasonably comfortable with the purchase of alcoholic beverages at eating establishments and with the two liquor stores that the state ABC Board said according to population that would be the number of liquor stores London would get according to population.

My worst fear would be the establishment of bars and taverns. Having traveled around the United States, I have seen bars that got the reputation of being the local gun and knife clubs. After working in six emergency rooms, I cannot tell you the number of inebriated patients that came across my table.

The Pub in Great Britain is an established social institution with in a community. Unfortunately the same does not hold true in the United States.

The current Bar Ordinance is lacking in the area of regulation. In fact there is no regulation. In one village I was stationed at while in the Army, the village had a ordinance that each bar, tavern or wherever alcohol was sold the installation of coin operated breathalyzers was mandatory. An example would be after a few hours of drinking you would drop the equivalent of a quarter in the machine and with a clean straw blow in to it. This would show you if you were okay to drive, had to call a cab or needed to sit and drink a soft drink for awhile. I am surprised no one thought about this when writing the London City ordinance concerning bars.

Another thing the City Council seemed to over look, The last time I checked the City of London had only one taxi cab. It is not easy getting a taxi license from the State and without a good one to service the local businesses that serve alcohol to curve incidents of drunk driving. It is simply an accident waiting to happen. I never understood why the city of London or Laurel County Industrial recruiters never attempted to recruit, attract or encourage the acquisition of a taxi cab service.

If they are to be bars in the City of London, there should be a limited number, they should meet very high standards for cleanliness, they should not be with in the close proximity of a school or a place of worship. Seems like these issues and possibly others were over looked by the London City Council.


Darrell W. Peters


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