An invitation to all Kentuckians,

To all my Laurel County neighbors, to all my Kentucky neighbors, I invite you to join me on Sundays at the church of your choice.

It doesn’t have to be the same church or even the same religion. It just has to be good people worshiping our Creator.

I have heard a lot of reasons from people as to why they do not attend church. Some say that there are hypocrites in church. Big deal! There are people everywhere who wind up being hypocritical. Go to church and set the example of not being a hypocrite.

Some say that some people in churches are no better than anyone else. Again – go to church and set the example of going to church and being a better Christian.

Church is a time for worshipping God and making yourself a better person. I know that I have a lot of room to improve.

Our area is being attacked by Satan in the form of drugs and addiction. By attending church, we are making a statement against the plague of drugs and addiction that are attacking us.

By attending church, we are setting a better example for our children and grandchildren. By attending church, we are meeting people who may help us or need our help. By attending church, we are taking a step to building a better community. Best of all, by attending church, no one will think that we are socialists or liberals.

Charles Hayes


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