Wednesday, August 2, 2019, two articles, “Do we need a ‘Lion King’" and "Prayer set for school" demand comments:

No! We do not need a Lion king or monarch nor prayer in school that will forever harm young minds.

The Lion King author addressed political parties; however, the U.S. Constitution does not authorize political parties and it was individuals without integrity or honor that changed the idea of part time Congressional tenures in to a vocation plus it was Congress that authorized the U.S. Central Bank to be owned by private individuals.

And, the implementation of Zionism changed the majority of politicians and Red State citizens from loyal citizens to traitors with their support for the terrorist group known as Hebrews aka Jews.

There have never been Gods and for the parents/and unethical politicians to demand our young pray to a non-entity is a crime against humanity.

My country comes first regardless of my environment.

Billy Ray Wilson, Master Sergeant, USAF - Retired


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