In reference to Senator Robinson's annual Fourth of July letter to the editor and Statehouse Update: "Trying to understand" written by Mr. Ronnie Ellis.

With respect to Senator Robinson, the United States' form of government is a Constitutional Republic, not a theocracy; whereas the Senator may want to change vocations.

Yes, the majority of our first countrymen's education was basic and based on said lacking; the people believed the myths of Noah's Ark, Moses, Adam and Eve, Abraham, etc.; however, in 2019 every citizen should know and/or learn the truth and that truth is: NO GODS.

Mr. Ellis addressed the Statue of Liberty, immigration and the troubles different races and ethnic groups encountered and continue to encounter because of racism, religious indoctrination and/or lack of education. For example. President Trump's son recently made note of Senator Kamala Harris', Democratic Presidential candidate, Jamaican mother and Indian father reminding one of President Trump questioning the birthplace of former President Barack H. Obama.

Our country is the United States and as citizens, we are responsible for preserving and defending the U.S. Consitution against the fictitious Abrahamic Gods.

We are one people.

Billy Ray Wilson

Master Sergeant, USAF - Retired


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