Some folks have begun to call themselves Liberal. I looked up the definition. Those folks aren’t really liberal. The dictionary definition used words like “forward thinking, generous, broad minded and open minded.”

The folks who describe themselves as liberal are intolerant, hate filled, close minded, and generally downright evil.

They call the Bible a "book of fairy tales" and call for the overthrow of our government. These folks support abortion on demand up to and including during birth. They support open borders and letting in cheap workers to keep Americans out of work. They support allowing men to freely use women’s dressing rooms and bathrooms.

“Liberals” should be called something else. “Devil’s disciples,” insurrectionists or traitors would be accurate.

I’m glad I live in a community with great people, who are tolerant, and generally Christian.

California and New York are filled to the brim with intolerant, hateful and stupid folks. Thank God that I don’t have to live amongst them. Congressman Adam Schiff is a liberal from California, widely known as Lying Adam Schiff. He ain’t ever told the truth. He’s been a liar since he was a youth. He lies to his friends and he lies to his wife. He has never told the truth in his life.

Maybe if we were nice to him and took him fishing, he might get good sense.

Maybe being exposed to good folks from Laurel, Whitley and Knox county would help him and other liberals. Then again, maybe they’re too far gone.

Charles Hayes


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