Dear Editor,

With all due respect, I would like to correct an error in your Dec. 6th edition. On p. 7, in an article without a by-line, it states that “The Community Chorus . . . has been singing . . . since . . .1966.” This, in fact, is not correct.

I do not doubt that there was a chorus in 1966, but I moved here in 1973, and by 1976, there wasn't one.

I know this because when I began teaching at Sue Bennett College, I asked about forming one for Christmas 1976.

Music director Jeanne Wintringham told me that they had had choruses in the past, but they always fizzled. She was skeptical about forming one.

I offered to do all of the work to publicize the endeavor and procure music, if she would direct it. She agreed, and we advertised in the Sentinel. I went out to Laurel County High School, where the choir director generously let me search his files for songs. Sue Emma Taylor was our first accompanist.

In December of 1976, the first program for what we called “the Christmas Chorus” was performed in Belle Bennett auditorium.

Since then, the Chorus has undergone many changes, but it has performed every year at Christmas (except for one year, when we were asked to do a program for a Sue Bennett Homecoming in the middle of November, and we split the material between fall and Christmas).

It pleases me greatly that the Chorus has been part of London's Christmas traditions for over 40 years now. This year's program, last Sunday afternoon, delighted the ears with the strength of the singers and the arrangements of the music that Director Jerry Wright chose. I noticed that a few members who began with the Chorus in 1976 are still singing with it, which really pleased me.

So, I just wanted to take a few minutes to “set the record straight.” Several original members are no longer with us, but I'm sure they would be proud to see--and hear--how the Chorus has matured.

Respectfully submitted,

Catherine Ruby

London, KY

Editor's Note: This letter is in reference to a press release from the Southeast Kentucky Community Chorus promoting their Sunday concert.

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