Twas the day after Christmas

Oh my, how time flies!

Hurried clerks heard folks shouting:

“Wrong color! Wrong size!”

The stockings and gifts were strewn everywhere,

Ol’ Santa was long gone, at least for this year.

The children were grumpy, how their tummies did ache

From sugarplums, pecan pie and red velvet cake.

With mom on the couch and me in the recliner,

Surely a quick nap would help us feel finer.

Amid my nap-dream, there arose a commotion,

My brain started spinning with yuletide emotion.

I saw a small stable where cattle were bedded,

I wondered just where this dream sequence was headed.

When what to my sleep-laden eyes should appear,

But the vision of the Christ child drawing near.

He grew strong and tall as He strode past the manger,

Towards rejection by man and death as a stranger.

He was baptized by John, then recruited 12 guys,

Whom He urged to be faithful and not compromise.

Pete, John, Jim and Andy, Phil, Tom, Bart and Matthew;

James, Thad, Judas and Simon in this dream were his crew.

He worked many miracles, too many to count,

Those once deaf, blind and lame found a life-healing fount.

Next came Gethsemane and Calvary’s cross,

His precious blood was spilled to save us form loss.

My dream flew fast-forward to Easter morn;

When my Savior arose and mans’ hope reborn.

When we turned in repentance and trust Jesus’ name,

The reward we gain outshines earth’s wealth and fame.

The babe in the manger the true king of kings,

Now calls on us to focus on eternal things

The life that He offers is truly abundant,

It’s great, grand and glorious and that’s not redundant.

He calls us to willness, worship and pray,

Oh, what a dream I dreamed on that post Christmas Day.

As I watched and listened, Christ rose out of sight,

With a promise to return again some day or some night.

“I’ll go to prepare a place for you,” my Lord said,

“Make sure others are taught, led and fed.”

I yawned and stretched as my dream came to a close,

Then a strange shiver flew from my head to my toes.

I gazed at the remnants of holiday fun,

Reminded of the seasons’ real reason, God’s son.

For it’s not in the gifts, decoration or food,

That we discover a Christmas-y mood.

The answer is found in the gift we receive

When we bow at the foot of the cross and believe.

That the tiny Christ Child born in Bethlehem,

Is the Alpha, Omega-eternal I AM.

It’s the day after Christmas; what will you do?

Accept Him, reject Him or just fill a pew?

I pray you discover the true Christmas Light,

Who offers eternal peace, joy and delight.

John Richard


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