Reference: Friday, June 5, 2019, Sentinel-Echo Forum's article, "Pastor hopes community rights its wrongs" and "Musical memories and Main Street bars," I have to comment:

First and foremost, the United States' form of government is a Constitutional Republic, not a theocracy; whereas, you have a guaranteed right to worship but not to subvert the government in the name of fictitious characters.

This evening, June 5, 2019, ABC News reported that on June 6, 1944, 6,603 US military and 3,397 Allied military were killed on five northern French beaches to defeat an international enemy. However, I haven't read one word of anger or objection by Kentucky's clergy, especially Laurel County's clergy, to the number of U.S. military/contractors, allies, and of course, the indigenous of the Middle East murdered, wounded, relocated and will expire from toxin exposures to assure the establishment of a Jewish nation-state.

Unforgivable, in my opinion, the majority of Kentuckians place God ahead of the United States; yet, the United States is responsible for our being.

Wake up and learn the truth.

Billy Ray Wilson, Master Sergeant, USAF


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