MY POINT IS... In God We Trust

As the nation deals with the coronavirus, life has taken a drastic turn for most people. Those of us who can work at home have done so. Those still having to deal with the public are taking precautions to neither contract nor spread the virus to others - and doing so by social distancing

I think about just a couple weeks ago - family and friends celebrated my grandson Waylon's first birthday with a party on March 7. On March 9, I listened to Kentucky House of Representatives candidates speak to the Laurel County Republican Women's Club (that story is coming soon), and the next day, I participated in welcoming a Knott County family to their new home in London through the Tunnel to Towers program. Later, I attended the opening of Saint Joseph London's new Progressive Care Unit (PCU) on the hospital's sixth floor - an effort to help those recovering but not needing Intensive Care Unit and one that opens up the remainder of the 2nd floor Birthing Center for the direly needed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for which the hospital is raising funds to install.

Who would ever have dreamed that just days later, our world would be upended, re-evaluated, and challenged in the manner in which we are facing today.

Let me emphasize this to its fullest capacity - I am not a stay-at-home person nor am I a cleaning person. I don't mind cooking most of the time but after just a week of being home, I am sick of cooking and washing dishes! I am among those who have already felt some extra pounds gathering around the waistline and the consistent rainfall is greatly interfering in spending time outdoors.

My frustration was vented somewhat over the weekend when I tackled the seven foot tall bushes that were never supposed to grow more than three feet tall. A couple hours of rain-free weather have whittled the bushes down to size although the remains of those bushes still lie piled up and waiting disposal. I took a walk through the wooded area behind my house and revisited those childhood days of finding wonder in nature while taking solace in the soft gurgle of the water flowing down the small stream that was once a source of imagination and creativity for my cousins and myself.

There are many resources that we can find to settle our restlessness if we look deep enough. We have TV and the Internet for sit-down entertainment. But there are so many other ways to strengthen family ties and vent frustration in positive ways.

For one, revive the board games and have a family night of fun. I began teaching my granddaughter Autumn the art of dominoes - a game often played with my mother during the cold winter months of my childhood.

Vent frustration by pulling up the weeds in flower beds or potted plants. With the abundance of rain, the ground is soft and roots are usually easily dislodged. It's too wet to plant, but never too wet to eliminate unwanted weeds.

Take a walk, whether it be in the woods or at a local walking park or just down your driveway or neighborhood. Read a book and discover another lost art. Subscribe to your local newspaper to learn more about your community and the people who make it a great place to live and work. Learn how to sew on a button. Utilize the Internet to learn how to crochet, paint a wall or picture, learn to prepare a new recipe for your family. Call a family member or friend that you haven't had time to visit with recently. If they are elderly, homebound or just one of the many who are now unemployed, they may need a bit of cheer. Research a song you loved as a child or teen and listen to it on YouTube. Teach your children/grandchildren a new song or re-establish a family tradition. And never forget to say a prayer for those struggling with income loss, illness, death or the many sad aspects of our society that extend far beyond the Coronavirus pandemic. Read your Bible for consolation, faith and guidance.

In this time of uncertainty, it is vital that we remain strong in our compassion, dedication and self-worth. We are #TeamKentucky and we are God's people although so many of us have strayed from that path. May God bless you and may God bless America by bringing us back to the realization of what is truly most important in our lives.

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