We all do something that is a waste of time. Some watch soap operas, or political debates. I watch programs and read about Bigfoot and all of his crypto zoological cousins. I must not be the only one because the television is littered with shows like Destination Truth, Monster Quest, and Finding Bigfoot where hours are spent searching unsuccessfully for evidence.

I lost interest in the show Finding Bigfoot, which airs on Animal Planet. I found the crew a little too quick to believe everything, or nothing, was a sign of Bigfoot. Every knock on a tree, broken twig, or hoot in the woods was a sign a “squatch” had been there. Sunday I jumped back on board when they aired an episode titled “Moonshine and Bigfoot.”

In case you didn’t guess from the title, Finding Bigfoot was in Kentucky. In fact, they were just a few miles away in Jackson County. Just a short trip down Highway 30, to US 421, and then KY 89 will take you to Turkey Foot Campground and S-Tree Campground in the Daniel Boone National Forest. The Jackson County Tourism website states, “If you have a primal urge to sleep under the stars, we have a campground for you.” Sounds like a place I would go if I were a Bigfoot.

The show itself turned out to be the regular stereotype of Kentucky. They drove to a cabin deep in the woods to talk to a couple of Bigfoot witnesses. The first thing the witness brought out was jars of home brewed moonshine. The member of the crew that looks like Bigfoot donned a coonskin cap. The lady brought out a fiddle on the front porch. I know nobody personally that lives this way, but the millions of people watching the show thinks we all look like Davy Crockett and hang out on the porch Hee Haw style.

It didn’t get much better.

The video that brought Finding Bigfoot to Jackson County showed two large eyes shining in a forest in the middle of the night. Most of the crew concluded it had to be Bigfoot, because when they measured the height of the eyes compared to a nearby tree, the eyes were about 9-feet above ground. Ranae, the skeptic in the crew, said she thought it was an owl. The crew disregarded her opinion like she had said it was a gorilla riding a tricycle. It was easier to believe it was an ape-like creature that had never been seen than an owl.

So they are out in the Daniel Boone National Forest in the middle of the night. They don’t hear Bigfoot, but they begin to hear gunshots. That I can believe. They decide their lives are more important than finding Bigfoot, except for Bo Bo who wants to find the hunters and ask them if they had seen Bigfoot. That would have been worth watching.

The Finding Bigfoot crew said they have been intrigued by this area, which has long been linked to Sasquatch activity. There was nothing in this episode that would lead anyone to believe there is such a creature. But I didn’t expect giant humanoid monster to reveal itself when they put a crying baby doll in the woods as a decoy.

I am most like Ranae on Finding Bigfoot. At one point she says, “I want to believe.”

I would like to think there are still mysteries out there. As a child that grew up reading Jules Verne and watching the old campy horror movies, I will always want to believe. There are two incidents when I was young that I could not explain.

While wading a stream in the tail waters of Wood Creek, I heard a grunt and saw a black blur in the thick brush at the edge of the water. Whatever it was ran away before I could identify.

Another time, shooting basketball long after dark, a friend and I heard massive steps in the woods. They seemed to cover more ground than a person could and branches were giving way in its path. We were shook up and went inside.

Do I think either was Bigfoot? More likely a big guy named Bo Bo wearing a coonskin cap and drinking moonshine. Still I want to believe.

I did not know any of the people from Jackson County that were interviewed on the show. I do know some people that know some people. Apparently there has been something sighted in that area by  very reliable sources. Some say it is just a bear. I also have very reliable sources that tell me they have been face to face with a cougar in the Daniel Boone National Forest, but those aren’t supposed to be there either.

So until someone proves otherwise, I will just keep watching and reading about things we cannot explain.

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