Many millions today do not believe in and some do not do not even know about:

1. Hitler in 1941-1945, liquidating six million Jews to acquire their money in order to finance his military.

2. Stalin in 1929-1933 enforced Atheistic Communism on all Russians, imposing a forced starvation on 700,000 Ukraine farmers. Therein he acquired their farms and equipment as state owned.

3. Fifty years ago (July 16,1969), the United States put a man on the moon, witnessed by 200 million people watching this moon landing on TV, also confirmed by 339 pictures taken on the moon, confirmed also with 800 pounds of rock brought back from the moon. Yet, 6 percent of Americans today have doubts that this landing on the moon ever happened.

4. Jesus of 2,000 years ago, worked miracles by the thousands, and rose from the grave. Of the 8 billion people on earth today 5.3 billion scoff at this most historic person, discarding his life, works and even existence; rejecting the validity of recorded history and the testimony of millions.

For many people time seems to erode veracity, the longer the time the less believable. There is a correlation in their minds (the growing bias of our day) is that the longer something is buried in history, the less truthful it is, that ancient truths tend especially to be false, that in general events of the distant past tend to be exaggerated or even fabricated, that without our modern computer-calculating truth findings, past generations floundered in error, miscalculation and nebulous hypothesis.

The ancient literary classics of Greece and Rome are even prone today by so many to be assessed as deplorably outdated. With today's "magic and marvel" of accurate and instant calculations, many people place a shroud of disbelief covering all past generations. They view especially the pre-1970's world — before the wonderful onslaught of "computerized everything"— as an unreliable world, people set in their ways of error and ignorance. Historically people were compelled to follow the tried and proven of the past as the assured path to the future. The rear-view mirror was the best focus for the road ahead.

Truth is eternal. It never changes. It constantly opens doors, clarifies and expands itself. Truth sets us free. [John 8:32]

Today's tendency to look a scant at the past and its laborious, slow and minuscule centuries of progress, has transformed many today to a conceited and self-obsessed society; a society rendered helplessly paralyzed, requiring assistance from a myriad of electronic computations for survival.

From the switch key (fob), to the thermostat, to the remote, to frozen dinners, to tap water ñ our survival depends. Perhaps we are the ones lost and buried in present day history, losing the independence and ability of survival to all past generations.

The wars of the future (God forbid there be any) will not be facing-off with bombs and bullets, but with disarming each other's massive electronic grids that propel their societies. The only survivors from such a war of massive annihilation would be the impoverished and isolated poor who till the soil for food.

Our modern advances unfortunately have been dropping a death-curtain, severing us from the survival mode of all prior generations.

Any society today that would experience the pandemic death to its computations for communications, utilities, government and military, would find itself doomed to death within hours.

Dismissing our hindsight puts in peril our foresight.

Our progress needs some regress.

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