Instant Care was the name of the health care clinic. I darkened its door most every year, trying to speed up, avoid or defer the inevitable symptoms of a bad cold. In that university town I had a long acquaintance with the MD who regularly cared for me.

      After talking about the futility of the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical sales for cold remedies, the doctor's bottom-line directive was - “lots of fluids and lots of rest.” This doctor-friend laid some further medical shockers on me. “Brace yourself, John, for the big one - a possible Armageddon of incurable sickness that can bring death to countless millions.

 We medical professionals know a lot, but there is a lot we do not know. We have no way of topping SUPERBUGS - infections that do not respond to antibiotics.”

       Immediately the historic pandemics of Black Death and Bubonic Plague flashed across my mind. They brought death to half the populations of Europe! That conversation with my doctor was 19 years ago!

      Presently we have 2 million Americans annually attacked by such bugs, with 23,000 dying. In 30 years the World Health Organization projects 10 million Americans will die annually from such drug-resistant infections.

      My medical-doctor friend stated that the most shocking aspect of our helplessness against superbugs is our naïve unawareness. We Americans tend to have unrealistic confidence in our medical professionals. The marvels of modern medicine have been so astounding that most of us Americans tend to be convinced that whatever might go wrong with our health can be promptly fixed.  

        “There are no new antibiotics coming, and if they were to come, bacteria tend to develop resistance to the drugs within a year,” Dr. Ray Young, Director of Center for Phage Technology at Texas A&M University.

     Phage Therapy  (I personally am not able to understand what I am writing here. I am only reiterating the medical news release). Phage Therapy uses bacteriophages which are tiny viruses that have the ability to destroy some of the most lethal strains of drug-resistant bacteria. Phages work by injecting their DNA into the targeted bacteria which then burst open and die. Bacteriophages are found everywhere on earth, attack only the targeted bacteria and can quickly destroy invasive bacteria, even within 48 hours.

      If Phage is approved by the FDA, it could become the powerful antidote for Superbug infections. In 2018 biotech companies in U.S. will run clinical trials on Phage therapeutics to give definition and clarity for the hopeful endorsement by FDA. We may be able to avoid a destiny of doom. We have hope!

      A valid correlation: the prevalence of world-wide hatred, violence, murder, deception and destruction of every kind are reported daily as the world's condition… an ongoing “abomination of desolation” [Mt. 24:15-16].                

     Hope amidst such world-wide hopelessness is the reason for the world's biggest annual celebration - Christmas, “A Savior has been born unto you” [Luke 2; 11]. Practicing His peace and love changes us and saves us, bursting open and killing our selfishness and greed. With Him we have hope. Our destiny of doom can be avoided.

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