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Let’s not sugarcoat it. Your last semester in high school has gotten demolished by a global pandemic and it is wickedly unfair. Your graduation is now a drive-thru, your prom is imaginary, and instead of spending your last semester of senior year hanging out with your friends and taking a victory lap, you spent it in your bedroom doing classwork over Zoom and making Tik Tok videos.

Are you in a self-imposed lock down? Or shelter-at-home, home quarantine, or whatever else you call it? If you're like me, you are.

Four-legged animals, like a dog or cat, are able to pick-up tremors of an earthquake before us humans can. Also since there are several hundre…

If you told me five years ago that I would fall in love with New York City, I would have said "Nah, I'm not interested in New York." But how t…