Pulaski County High School has filed a complaint with the Kentucky High School Athletic Association over an alleged unauthorized videotaping of a Pulaski County High School football practice session on Friday, Aug. 7.

According to KHSAA assistant commissioner Julian Tackett, Pulaski’s complaint was against North Laurel High School.

“We have been informed of the incident and we are currently looking into it, but it is not something that is on our top shelve of priorities,” Tackett explained. “Unauthorized video taping of another team’s practice session is a KHSAA violation under Bylaw 11. The severity of the sanction is determined on a case-by-case situation.”

North Laurel High School principal Mike Black was also aware of the alleged incident and referred to the matter as a untrue rumor.

“I’ve heard the rumors,” Black said. “No one on the North Laurel football staff, or employed by the school district, filmed their practice, or was directed to film their practice.”

“The only person I’ve discussed this matter with is the Pulaski County principal,” Black said. “We looked into it, discussed it, and handled it among ourselves.”

According to accounts by several parents at the Pulaski County High School football practice on the date in question, a car was parked in the Pulaski Farm Mart across the road of the school’s football practice field.

Witnesses observed that the occupant of the car was operating a video camera aimed toward the Maroons’ practice field. Once the car was approached by several parents, the vehicle sped away.

Pulaski County High School principal Rob Bowers could not be reached for comment.

The Pulaski County High School football team opens their season against North Laurel High School on Friday, Aug. 21 in London.

Steve Cornelius is the sports editor of the Somerset Commonwealth-Journal. Denis House contributed to this article.

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