NORTH LAUREL — North Laurel and South Laurel boys and girls cross country teams had good showings in Saturday’s Catbird Classic held at North Laurel High School.

South Laurel’s Phoebe McCowan continued her winning ways, taking the top spot in the girls varsity with a time of 19:37.28, helping the Lady Cardinals to secure sixth place in overall team rankings.

"Phoebe McCowan showed excellent stamina throughout Saturday's race at North Laurel to finish in first place with a time of 19:37," said South Laurel girls cross country coach Carrie Kirby. "Emma Woods placed 17th with a time of 23:32, Sarah Ford finished 20th with a time of 23:59. Brooklyn Brown placed 36th in 26:06 and Preslie Brown finished 57th with a time of 29:06.

"In terms of overall placing as a team, South Laurel girls went backwards instead of forward. We placed sixth this week whereas last week we placed third. But if we break it down and look at individual times, there is progress. We are continuing to work on our team's depth by introducing another young lady, Preslie Brown, to the Varsity level at this meet. So, it's all about perspective. We just need to stay focused and be intentional with our efforts."

South Laurel’s Drew Meader took third place on the boys side with a time of 17:06.09, behind Bell County’s Caden Miracle who took first place and Corbin’s Sean Simons who took second place in Saturday’s meet, helping the Cardinals to take first place in the overall team rankings.

"Drew Meader had a great race and was close to breaking under 17:00," said South Laurel boys cross country coach David Evans. "Will Stanko and Jeremy Steele continue to impress with solid sub 18 minute times. Jacob Tapscott and Seth Meader really stepped up and helped our team pull out the slimmest margin of victory over a very good Corbin team. We were lucky to get this win and it’s not time to rest on our laurels, it’s time to work harder than we ever have before.

"I think this was a good meet for us, it gave us a point to check where we are verses where we want to be, we race back here (at North’s course) at the end of September so it’s gives us an easy way to gage ourselves. I am definitely happy for the team win, just disappointed in some of our individual performances. We need more grit and heart on the course."

North Laurel secured a fifth spot in the team rankings with a score of 161 on the boys side, with Aspen Sizemore taking 21st place to lead the Jaguars with a time of 18:48.09, followed by Anthony Schonter who took 22nd place with a time of 18:48.46.

North Laurel’s Olivia Rudder led the Lady Jaguars with a time of 22:12.62 to take seventh place in the Catbird Classic, helping the girls to secure a fourth place spot in the overall team rankings, followed by Taylor Allen who finished 11th with a time of 22:53.03.


South Laurel’s Phoebe McCowan took the top spot in the girls varsity with a time of 19:37.28, helping the Lady Cardinals to secure sixth place in overall team rankings with a score of 131.

North Laurel’s Olivia Rudder was the top finisher for the Lady Jaguars with a time of 22:12.62, taking seventh place, while helping North Laurel to place fourth in the team rankings.

Corbin’s Hannah Morton finished with a time of 22:02.56 to take sixth place and help the Lady Redhounds turn in a third place finish with a score of 114.

Williamsburg’s Navaeh Warren led the Lady Jackets with a time of 24:12.88 to take 26th place, while Whitley County’s Abigail Stone led Whitley County with a time of 27:41.15 to take 54th place.

Girls Local Individual Results

South Laurel

Phoebe McCowan, 1st, 19:37.28; Emma Woods, 20th, 23:32.06; Sarah Ford, 24, 23:59.56; Brooklyn Brown, 40th, 26:06.65; Preslie Brown, 69th, 29:06.88; Madison Chestnut, 90th, 33:08.59; Annabeth Johnson, 96th, 35:58.72.

North Laurel

Olivia Rudder, 7th, 22:12.62; Taylor Allen, 11th, 22:53.03; Meg Anderson, 21st, 23:36.97; Jenna Nantz, 34th, 25:26.18; Laney Moore, 58th, 28:24.44; Rehiannian Collins, 72nd, 29:19.44.

Whitley County

Abigail Stone, 54th, 27:41.15; Leslie Monhollen, 75th, 29:44.41; Kyra Tucker, 94th, 35:47.78; Sierra Napier, 95th, 35:51.53; Margaret Strickland, 99th, 44:01.00.


Hannah Morton, 6th, 22:02.56; Nancy Jane Jackson, 12th, 22:56.38; Mary Hope Jackson, 17th, 23:20.34; Lauren Faulkner, 33rd, 25:25.28; Taylor French, 41st, 26:08.50; Mackenzie Curry, 43rd, 26:15.41; Abby Chen, 51st, 27:19.06; Savannah Mayer, 64th, 28:48.18; Lauren Steely, 71st, 29:17.31.


Navaeh Warren, 26th, 24:12.88; Cassie Weiss, 31st, 25:07.28; Maddie Peace, 46th, 26:17.12; Jamie Moses, 76th, 29:57; Jenna Dople, 78th, 30:11.59.

Girls Team Scores

1. Pulaski County 86; 2. Southwestern 89; 3. Corbin 95; 4. North Laurel 114; 5. Middlesboro 123; 6. South Laurel 131; 7. Lincoln County 136; 8. Harlan County 145; 9. Williamsburg 216; 10. Somerset 253; 11. Jackson County 253; 12. Whitley County 323.


Corbin’s Sean Simons took second place on the boys side with a time of 16:56.41, followed by South Laurel’s Drew Meader taking third place with a time of 17:06.09.

North Laurel’s Aspen Sizemore took 21st place to lead the Jaguars with a time of 18:48.09, followed by Anthony Schonter who took 22nd place with a time of 18:48.46.

Williamsburg’s Nick Beird led the Jackets with a time of 20:33.47 for 58th place, while Connor Partin followed in 59th place with a time of 20:37.34 for Whitley County.

Boys Local Individual Results

South Laurel

Drew Meader, 3rd, 17:06.09; Will Stanko, 10th, 17:55.06; Jeremy Steele, 12th, 17:57.12; Jacob Tapscott, 14th, 18:18.53; Seth Meader, 17th, 18:27.09; Landon Deaton, 20th, 18:40.91; Blaine Phelps, 28th, 19:10; Ford Breeding, 47th, 20:06.44; Connor Johnston, 61st, 20:44.69; Peyton Mason, 66th, 20:59.81.

North Laurel

Aspen Sizemore, 21st, 18:48.09; Anthony Schonter, 22nd, 18:48.46; Alex Garcia, 24th, 18:51.81; Cole Osborne, 38th, 19:44; Cam Kelly, 57th, 20:29.52; Peyton Roundtree, 73rd, 21:34.15; J.T. LaPrade, 77th, 21:50.97.

Whitley County

Connor Partin, 59th, 20:37.34; Jacob Canada, 80th, 22:02.18; Gavin Whitaker, 105th, 24:09.31; Jackson Hess, 114th, 25:29.88; Cooper Paul, 124th, 27:14.34; Samuel Hudson, 127th, 28:07.06; Jack Leskiw, 132nd, 29:59.56.


Sean Simons, 2nd, 16:56.41; Austin Terrel, 4th, 17:20.38; Jonah Black, 9th, 17:51.15; John Hail, 19th, 18:32.88; Logan Bargo, 23rd, 18:49.02; Andon Asher, 25th, 18:52.75; Noah Bonnell, 34th, 19:37.44; Joaquin Pauig, 43rd, 19:54.38; Christopher Rose, 45th, 19:59; Connor Messer, 60th, 20:37.93.


Nick Beird, 58th, 20:33.47; Alex Coleman, 84th, 22:18.88; Collin Taylor, 85th, 22:25.94; Robel Shwartz, 98th, 23:25.50; Lane Hawn, 99th, 23:26.18; John Rowe, 111th, 24:55.62; Aiden Swason, 119th, 25:50.62.

Boys Team Scores

1. South Laurel 56; 2. Corbin 57; 3. Pulaski County 115; 4. Rockcastle County 144; 5. North Laurel 157; 6. Harlan County 161; 7. Bell County 189; 8. Russell County 222; 9. Southwestern 271; 10. McCreary Central 272; 11. Lincoln County 300; 12. Middlesboro 320; 13. Somerset 339; 14. Williamsburg 357; 15. Jackson County 392; 16. Whitley County 404.

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