Jerry White (left) and his son, Ben White, watch as White's oldest grandson, Shea Corzatt, makes a jump during a recent race.

Although it is ordinary for a 69 year old grandfather to be finding new hobbies and trying to spend time with his grandkids, climbing on the back of a high powered racing dirt bike and jumping hills at a high rate of speed makes Jerry White extraordinary.

White picked up racing dirt bikes at the young age of 60, and has used his exciting hobby as a way to bond with his kids and grandkids.

During a recent trip to the Daniel Boone Motocross, White enjoyed riding with his son, Ben White, his daughter Tanya Corzatt and his three grandsons, Shea Corzatt 17 and twins Casey and Camdon Corzatt 13.

While White has received great enjoyment from riding dirt bikes, he admits the most enjoyment comes from watching his grandkids.

“It thrills me more to watch them than it does to ride myself,” White said. “You wouldn’t believe how much fun it is to do this with your family.”

White remembers when he got on his first serious dirt bike at the age of 60.

“It was a real eye opener,” White said. “The first one I got on scared me to death and they still scare me.”

When it comes to winning, White and his family agree just spending time together, having fun and not being injured is enough satisfaction for them.

“If I don’t have a bad crash or hurt myself, it’s been a good day,” White said.

His grandson Casey, who happens to be “ a pretty darn good soccer player,” loves to compete, but he agrees with his grandpa on goals for the outcome of his dirt bike racing.

“I’m not the best, but I love the sport,” Casey said. “I’m just like my grandpa; if I don’t crash it’s a good day. It’s pretty much all for fun. It makes it 10 times better with every person that’s here because once the whole crew gets into it, it’s just a blast.”

White also spoke about the advantages of sharing the same hobbies as your grandkids, like not worrying about them getting into trouble.

“Someone said at least you know where your kids are,” White said. “They’re not out on dope somewhere or messing around.”

Although White does not know how many more years he will be racing, he is not far from reaching his goal.

“I want to be racing when I am 70,” White said. “If I can get through a couple races next year we will see what happens after that.”

Just don’t expect to find White sitting around playing checkers or going to the bingo hall anytime soon.

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